Laury Hammel

Laury Hammel Profile PhotoSocially Responsible Business Leader and Culture Strategist

Laury founded and runs the Longfellow Clubs, a group of sports clubs and children’s centers serving over 20,000 people in the Boston area.

The work that The Culture Company did with his 500 staff at The Longfellow Clubs was transformational. Inspired by the work, Laury decided to join The Culture Company’s network.

Laury joins us primarily to support and strengthen Boston-based socially responsible businesses. As founder of the Sustainable Network of Greater Boston, his work with The Culture Company is helping realize the network’s vision of a vibrant, green, locally owned business community in the Boston area that serves as a model nation-wide.

Laury loves bringing great people together to create a more just world. He helped found the Business Alliance for Social Responsibility (BSR), the leading network supporting sustainable business practices for large corporations. He also co-founded the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE), the premiere U.S. network for local and independent businesses.

Laury is a member of the New England Tennis Hall of Fame and the Social Venture Network Hall of Fame.

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