Michael Perman

221Michael Perman Profile PhotoInnovation and Creativity Leader

As a Fortune 500 senior executive and authority on creative minds, Michael spearheaded innovation turn arounds at Levi’s and the Gap. At Levi’s he used the science of how the human brain works to lead breakthrough product innovations that helped return Levi’s to prosperity and generated over $600 million in new revenue streams.

He currently leads C’EST WHAT?, the mindful innovation firm based in San Francisco. Clients include Google, Adidas and Nike. His upcoming book is entitled C’EST What? Craving Creativity Connection.

Alicia and Michael met in 2005. As a contributing author to Wake Me Up When the Data Is Over: How Organizations are Using Stories to Drive Results, Alicia interviewed Michael on how he was using stories to drive product innovation at Levi’s.

Michael and Alicia have since joined forces to create Orange Grove Nine—an initiative building conscious cultures of mindful innovation. Combining their innovation and culture methodologies, this new initiative will help clients build purpose-driven, innovative organizations. Their Conscious Creators training teaches skills for accessing purpose, stillness and empathy, and the neuroscience behind highly-engaged and creative teams.

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