Get on the Love Train

“Get on the Love Train,” was keynote President of Marymount University’s message at our Arlington Chamber of Commerce end of the year awards ceremony this Friday.  Love your staff, love your customers, love your community and you will prosper.

Truly times have changed.

To live my value of place-based community, I’ve been reaching out to local networks.  And our Arlington Chamber of Commerce is sharing messages I’d hear at my regular socially responsible business haunts from community crusaders like Ben and Jerry.

Just this March I went to Las Vegas for the sport and health club trade show in honor of a growing market niche working with gyms.  And the keynote speaker was none other than hotelier Chip Conley – guru on happiness in the workplace.

But what does it mean to embrace a core value like love in the workplace?

Look out this week for a new video release on how Eileen Fisher is bringing to life their core value of connection to fuel product development.